Sunday, February 3, 2013

English Class

I got back from break, and irritated by some of the gossip circulating about me, I decided that I would suck up to my town and teach English Class.  I taught it last year, and although it helped in a lot of ways, I didn't really enjoy it.  However, teaching English is a quick and easy way to get everyone to like you in Peru.  So, I'm teaching English every Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9-10:30 to any kids who want to come.  I'm averaging about 13 kids every class, which is great, and they've already learned a lot of the basics.  Amazing how much easier it is to teach English when I can speak Spanish with reasonable ability. 

They're an adorable bunch.  I had one of them, Jimena, stay behind in class the other day to hand me a homemade envelope (complete with tinkerbell sticker) with a letter inside.  This adorable little girl doesn't learn very well and doesn't ever speak above the sound of a whisper, but is super sweet. The letter had some drawings on it I couldn't quite make out and some silver clouds she had glued on and drawn faces on.  I could only understand part of what she wrote, which said, "tu profesora es linda y bonita y yo lo quiero mucho. hablas ingles y estas....."  That means, "You, teacher, are wonderful and pretty and I love you a lot, you speak english and you are.." and then I have no idea what it says after that.  That little girl gave me that card, and I read it, and I almost started to cry.  So freaking sweet!  Most of my girl students have started giving me a big kiss on the cheek as they leave too, which I find absolutely adorable.  

Below are some photos of my kids hard at work.


  1. I still think you should have named this blog, "You wanna peace of me?"

    1. We spent so long coming up with names in our living room and that is BRILLIANT!!!! I wish I had also named my blog that...maybe i will change it anyway....hahha